Everybody needs help.

Too often, we fall into the trap of a lone man ranger ideology. Somebody hurts us, betrays our trust, reveals some confidential information to a third party, or crushes our expectations to our face. We clench our fists, fume through the ears, and mentally delete them from our list of favourite people – before going ahead to block and mute them everywhere.

But, bitter as it may sound, we cannot always go it alone.

The fingers on our hands are proof that solitude and self-aggrandizement, when not monitored, can be dangerous. We were made for company. An unchecked, wild-west, I-need-nobody mentality is both dangerous and senseless

God has angels who do His biddings.
Jesus was as divine as the other members of the Godhead, and as human, as the work required, yet He had help. All through His ministry, He constantly made calls to Heaven’s powerhouse.

Moses had help, Samuel did, Peter did, Paul did.
You do, and will.

Praying is a common, worthy Helpline process.
So is talking to a good friend, a mentor, a role model.
And whenever you’re too preoccupied, arrogant or ignorant to seek help, when a helper reaches out, competently and genuinely, jump at it.

Eccle. 4. 9-10

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