Who did Jesus come for?

Contrary to belief, or sentimental unfounded ‘truths’, Jesus didn’t come for Christians. He came for the world – the entire present 7billion+ of us, the millions of departed souls, and a thousand future generations. The amazing underlying concept of the Christian faith is the depth and height of God’s love. It goes to the lowest lows, and reaches the heighest heights.

Jesus came for the world. He looked down longingly with love at a lost world, going after its own lusts, trying rather hard, yet getting nowhere.

And interestingly, whenever the word ‘world’ is used, it represents a wide array of lumped-together elements. Not just the good, but the bad, the ugly, the detestable, the destructive. Not just the pleasant, but the unpleasant.

Bible hugging, Scripture rapping, cross flaunting…don’t cut it. Jesus didn’t die just for the churchy and spiritual, the law-abiding, and the moral loyalists. If you could glance quickly at His ‘To Save’ list, you would find rapists, thugs, wife-beaters, commercial sex workers, cultists, thieving politicians, arrogant businessmen, terrorists, child molesters, and the common sinner.

He came for a world of Muslims, Buddhists, Judaists, Hindus, atheists, agnostics…and well, of course, Christians.

Your name’s on His list.
Your religious bias and spiritual sentiments are immaterial.
He came for you!

John 3.16

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