Wherever your affiliation lies – creation or evolution, everybody agrees that pregnancy is central to the peopling of the world, and the advancement of our race as a sentient being. From time immemorial, we have studied it, sought to understand its stages, its object and implication.

It is the 9-month incubator experience that forms the bones, elements, features and traits of human beings. The biological state by which a woman carries her young until they are ready to be born. The bulge in a woman’s stomach area signifying new life and an explosion of joy.

Animals carry their young too. But for different durations. Elephants are pregnant for 22 months. Some sharks can be pregnant for 3-and-a-half years.

Men carry pregnancies too. Just not of human young, but of ideas, dreams and aspirations. And women can be pregnant with more than human young. Whether carrying pregnancies for days, weeks, months or years, everybody hopes to someday birth the manifestation of their biggest dreams.

Are you the ‘young’ in life’s womb?
If so, are you ready to face the world?

Conversely, are you pregnant with dreams?
Are they ready for the world?

Timing is crucial.
Have a safe birth to your pregnancy.

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