The impacts of 2020 and COVID-19 willstay with humanity forever.
Our world will forever stay impacted by the effects of Coronavirus, the 2020 pandemic.

Sometimes we need to take people literally at their word. Not infer a metaphor, not assume an implication. But take them at face value.

The 2020 experience.

For a year that appeared on the horizon promising to take our breath away, it looks like we misread the memo. Not to be a naysayer, pessimist or any such thing, the year has literally attacked our breathing system – individually, corporately and collectively. This attack for mankind’s lungs would eventually crystallize in George Floyd’s gruesome murder, instigating the worldwide “I can’t breathe” campaign.

Our world has suddenly become a smaller, largely scarier, and more delicate place to live in. On the whole, this has impacted us to the very core of our beings and our unified race. And its impact won’t leave in a hurry. Family life, faith, work, existence and socialization will feel the ripple effects forever.

I compiled a list of things that may never go back to the way they were.

Parties and condensed areas. It’s the age of Zoom weddings and Instagram Live Introductions. Would you have assumed that there would be such a time as this? Parties are still currently outlawed in most parts of the world, marketplaces are running on shifts, people are observing strict physical and social distancing. What a time to be alive. Even when this is over, the consciousness for personal space will stay etched in our consciousness.

Social places [eateries, restaurants, clubs and parks, cinemas]. Get your food and leave! You may eat in your car or drive all the way home if you can wait, but the government and food vendors are saying: please love us from a distance, we’ll do the same. That love waxing cold isn’t sure to get warm anytime soon. Netflix and similar subscription-based movie screening and streaming are the future. Football viewing centres will suffer reduced patronage as wave after wave of the virus continues. Even after we find a cure, I’d rather just enjoy home-screening, thank you very much.

The Finance Industry. Cash transactions will slowly bite more bullets. Fintech is the future of banking. Technology is the future of virtually anything, anyway. But in particular, more transactions will move to digital, non-cash, tech-based forms. The prudent banker needs to take the time to garner as much knowledge in this field as possible because it’s almost fully buffered. During the strictest periods of the lockdown, we realised how little one needed cash for things that really mattered. Online ordering, subscriptions, ticketing and e-wallets ensured that we were all safe behind our phone and computer screens while the virus ravaged and rummaged outside.

Worship centres and rigid religious idiosyncrasies. Three months now, we’ve all been barred from going to religious places. Churches, mosques and other religious centres where it seemed like physical attendance was the only way to worship have found ways to keep the faith and spiritual consciousness unhindered and on point. I personally have had to review a lot of idiosyncrasies I had regarding a myriad of issues, and although I haven’t lost my faith [I am a practising Christian], I have realised how flimsy, lightweight some of the rigid beliefs and approaches I had were. A lot has changed in me, as I’m sure they have in many. God isn’t a figment of our imagination, neither a product of our rigid and unbending “if you don’t believe what I believe you’re doomed” approach. Faith is extremely personal, and although our experiences do influence others, they should by no means be the lens by which we grade their morality, holiness or uprightness.

Real estate. This is a big deal – particularly commercial real estate. Working from home has become a darling phrase during these times; perhaps only beaten to second place by ‘Coronavirus or COVID-19’. Employers who were originally adamant, unwilling to even consider the possibility of remote work, are now clutching the concept very close to their chests. It took only a few weeks of COVID-19’s merciless punches to humble them. Costs are being cut, cut, cut. This can only mean that even when we leave these dangerous times, employers need no external data – they know that over 80% of work they’ve always compelled physical presence for can be done remotely. Still sure you need that intended million dollar commercial real estate project? Think again.

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