The future is simply history being played backwards.

Here’s some mystery to boggle your mind today. God wasn’t just in the past and isn’t just in the present. He’s also in the future. He’s already in 2040 looking over His shoulder to see how well we are catching up with our scientific, technological, psychological and economic baby steps. Once in a while, he lifts humanity’s legs, opens a door wide, drops some astronomical discovery…and must laugh when we suddenly scramble over the drawing board, cancelling equations, revisiting theories, discovering things.

Think about it this way. Birds perch unperturbed, unharmed, confidently on electric, naked lines without being electrocuted. Whether you believe in billions and millions of years of evolution [I’ll humour you], or in the Biblical Young Earth Age of only thousands of years, birds arrived waaaaaaaaay before electricity was discovered, before the first poles and wires were manufactured. Birds don’t get shocked when they sit on electrical wires because they aren’t good conductors of electricity. In short, when God created them, He had their safety in mind. Wouldnt it be a mess to have to recall the birds after electricity was discovered, and have to configure them to new realities?

God was watching out for them, from scratch. Think on that. In terms of yourself.

He wrote a script, ushered in all its actors, produced and directed it, published it, then rewound back to the start, crossed His legs and pushed “play”.

We will never surprise Him.
He’s the boss.

Our present is His past.

Read Isaiah 57.15

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