Disqualified by credentials.
Lacking in some respect.
Not good enough.
Short by a few inches.

Ever applied to a job vacancy even though your qualifications were clearly insufficient? We all have. If the economic implication of unemployment isn’t traumatic enough, placing stringent conditions [experience, minimum degree, grade, gender, location] worsens things.

Thankfully, God doesn’t treat us the same.
All He generously offers, everybody can obtain.
No one is disqualified from applying.

Forget “deep” concepts of salvation, faith, repentance, forgiveness, holiness and speaking in tongues.

Think about rain, sunshine, love, joy, nature, the oceans, water, air and the splendour of new birth. All freely given.

Disqualified by credentials.
Saved by Grace.

Eph. 2. 8-9

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