Bitcoin, FOMO, ETH and all the other 2021 slangs. What do they mean?
What do these strange letters, symbols, words mean? What is cryptocurrency?

Move over AI, you’re old news.

There’s a new kid on the block. Like a secondary school nickname for that one guy who’s always coming late, or always getting in trouble. Crypto.

But unlike that dude nobody wants to invite home during the holidays, everybody wants to associate with Crypto.

The crypto craze is so real that it’s turned virtually all of us into side-hustlers. Giant organisations who wanted nothing to do with it are now tripping over themselves in excitement, some concern and major trepidation. FOMOthe Fear Of Missing Out.

FOMO is a present concern in practically every aspect of life – tapping you and pointing in the direction of a blossoming venture; waking you up in the middle of the night, reminding you just how much time you are wasting and how you just might never catch up. When the excitement for cryptocurrencies began, most of us ignored it like it was just another hype that needed a firm hand, hammer or event to “calm down.” But if you are an attentive person, or spend any amount of time at all on social media, then at some point, lately, you might think: but this thing really isn’t slowing down – and what if I’m missing out on what could potentially change my life forever?

To put this in context, at one point in 2018, Bitcoin traded at $3,000. At its highest points so far this year, it’s topped over $60,000. Forget the current dip, it is projected to hit $100,000 before the year runs out. Some Bitcoin enthusiasts estimate it might hit a million dollars at some point in the future. That’s $1,000,000!

Are you starting to pay attention?

Do you understand the language FOMO speaks now? No? Yes?

We must admit it’s got us all right where it wants us. You could be in the middle of Lagos traffic, displaying periodic Nigeria-type driver drama and plotting graphs on your windscreen. A thought could hit you right in the midst of reviewing a critical contract, leaving you to wonder “so what exactly does p2p mean, and how can I double my investment by August?”

ETH is a short form for Ethereum, an alternative to Bitcoin the Adam and King of Cryptos.

So why exactly is everyone getting on the cryptocurrency train? And should you? Is the momentum sustainable? What do these all even mean?

I explore in another post.

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